Best Color Blind Settings For Warzone Modern Warfare | Get More Vibrant Colors | Yellow Enemy Tag | Band of Bros 2021

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Best Color Blind Settings For Warzone Modern Warfare | Get More Vibrant Colors | Yellow Enemy Tag | Band of Bros |

welcome back to week six for children in the banner bros channel in today’s video we’re   gonna be taking a look at the color blind type settings and this is not only for people that   are colour-blind these settings can actually help you and I’ll show you how to move these   settings around to actually get your game in war zone or in multiplayer or whatever you guys play   to look a little bit more vibrant

so I’m gonna be comparing two different options all the different   color blind settings and hopefully you guys will like something better than just a normal   adult color it’s like after you try the different colorblind settings believe me you will feel that   the other the normal mode ish is a little bit too dull so hopefully you guys do enjoy this   video if you do please like and subscribe to the notification bill on it deeply helps me out a lot   and as well remember to follow us on instagram banner bros YouTube

Best Color Blind Settings For Warzone Modern Warfare

I’ll see you all in the video alright so starting off the color blind settings for you guys who don’t know is basically people   that see a color and a different color than you’re normally in quotations supposed to   look at it so that’s why colorblind settings are there for example sometimes people differentiate   like the browns and the greens and the Reds and the yellows just a little bit different than   the normal human being so that’s why they put the colorblind settings but if you actually tweak this   a little bit in conjunction with the brightness you can actually get the game to look a little bit   more vibrant and a little bit more to your taste because besides that you cannot really tweak the   contrast and the settings of Call of Duty unless you do it on your screen so this is basically the   only way to make your game a little bit more vibrant so in this screen

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right now I’m gonna   show you the first one I’m gonna put a bunch of pictures of the same exact location of my friend   studying in the between two red buses all right originally they are two red buses and again when   you aim at an enemy their nametag is supposed to be red so we got the first one right here and as   you guys can see that’s normal everyday one then we’re gonna change to the first colorblind type   which is at the protanopia as you guys can see this one does change like quite a bit it changes   more into all the Reds become like an orange yellow it also depends on what device you’re   looking at you know you might be like what the hell is this guy talking about it’s supposed to   be yellow again it depends on what device you’re looking at it and what screen you’re looking at it   but it turns it into a little bit more yellowish orange of type the Blues stay the same to white   stay the same it’s just those specific colors that changed a little bit as you guys can see   the nametag of the the enemy tag also changes quite a bit now

let’s go into the second one   which is the doubt Delta Ranocchia I don’t know how to pronounce it Delta I don’t know if it which   is the third one and this is the one personally that I use I like this one um if you guys can   see this one actually it seems like it makes the colors a little bit more vibrant like it when you   play war zone and the enemy shooting or you tag somebody all those Reds all those pings will just   seem a little bit more vibrant like the rest just jump out a little bit more um as you guys can see   as well here at the name tag also does change the enemy tag if changes into a yellow which I   actually kind of like what a bit it does help for me it’s a little bit easier to see that yellow one   and then the red one so specifically multiplayer it helps me out a lot so my default for choice   is gonna be this one now

let’s jump into the last one which is at the Triton Opia and this one makes   the colors just a little bit more dull so kind of like the original one it makes the Reds a little   bit lighter so not as dark and the name again as you guys can see it’s just a little bit lighter   as well in terms of the blacks and the in the end again the blacks the whites all those colors   do not really change but again I’m gonna go to the second thing that you guys need to do as well just   so you guys know how to change this is once you go into the option two of the options go into this   one right here and this is gonna be in general once you’re in general it’s gonna be all the   way to the bottom and it’s gonna say colorblind type with this one this is how you’re gonna see   you got all the different kinds of settings something that you need to change as well is   once you select your desired colorblind settings you’re gonna have to put its gonna be in this one   but for the colorblind target put both which is gonna give you in the interface

and and the world   so just something to look out for it so I always put both if not nothing is going to change now   something they also need to change a little bit is with the brightness when I actually had the   no colorblind settings my brightness was actually a little bit lower because I felt that when I was   aiming outside with the scope it was just like really really bright and sometimes I have to   move my brightness so I actually have to put a little bit down but with this new one with the   with the second colorblind mode

I actually keep my brightness at fifty so something that again   to play with the colors is change or colorblind and play with the brightness that will definitely   help you out quite a bit again I believe with the second one I just love specifically in war   zone again when people paying or when people are shooting in a meeting map the Reds just seem a lot   more brighter and they’re a lot easier for me to spot while I’m looking at my map so let me   know down below in the comments if you guys are colorblind first of all let me know down below   comments if you guys are and let me know which one suits you the best which one do you use I   think you’re tuning in I deeply appreciate it pace out everybody and I’ll see you all in the next one

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