How To Make Money With Envato Affiliate Program? | | Best Blog 2022

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How To Make Money With Envato Affiliate Program? | | Best Blog 2022

How To Make Money With Envato Affiliate Program? :- In the next five minutes i will show you exactly how i make an extra 500 per month   i will share with you my experience best practices and tips that will help you   be successful in this strategy keep watching

envato affiliate program

so let’s start with my earnings to give you some motivation here i am in my dashboard i   will go to reports section performance by brand i will filter now by envato and simply select this   year and apply you can see i got thirteen thousand dollars in sale amount and my earnings around   three 3 000 in the last 10 months so it’s around 300 per month in passive income wait a minute   if you are following me like two years ago maybe i published a video i showed you that   i’m making around five hundred dollars with Envato why my earnings declined and   my business grew it’s somehow weird no it’s not weird simply at that moment i dedicated   a special time to promote envato

i work to promote this special program but today i have more than 80   programs i’m working with if you open here notion you will see this list of affiliate programs like   84 programs i’m working with right now and the list is growing almost every week if you want to   get this list for free just keep watching i will give it to you at the end of this video so how i   did this and how you can the idea the concept is simple affiliate marketing promoting the envato   affiliate program if you go here to affiliates you can join here and they have   multiple programs you can see the payouts here everything you can read this page i will keep   in the description below as you can see here that this program is perfect for bloggers influencers   authors and even newbies

so if you’re a beginner this program may fit you so the   first step is to join the envato program click on join program here and you can simply sign up with   impact affiliate network then simply go to brands my brands when you join and get approval   you can simply then click on envato market and then create a link and simply create a link to   promote whatever product you want as an example if you go here to which is part   of envato market and let’s say i wanna promote a wordpress plugin let’s pick anything like this one   just right click and copy the link address and simply paste it here and then create your link   generate it just copy it and here we have the affiliate link

i think this is somehow   super easy if you are following me with a lot of affiliate marketing case studies full pre-courses   here on my channel and this spot is the easiest part which is getting the affiliate link the   core work is in promoting the affiliate product let’s make things simple by giving a real example   from my work inside code carrying in that market we have the script mailwhiz to create an email   marketing application so what i did is simply i created this piece of content it’s a guide a step   by step tutorial please write this down memorize it if you want to promote things like this in   the envato market the best way is using tutorials you can create a step-by-step tutorial like this

   one how to install mailwiz and you can see all these are affiliate links so whenever someone   wants to follow up with me to install mailwhiz they will follow up using my links and they will   buy through my links this is very important and one secret tip here you can mix multiple affiliate   programs in the same tutorial as an example here we have mailwhiz we have namecheap if you go down   here we have digital ocean all these are affiliate programs i’m working with and promoting inside one   article also here we have contabus so a lot of programs inside one piece of content this is very   important another example

this article 15 top email marketing tools you must be using right now   if you go down here you will see i’m promoting also mailwhiz so again the best way to promote   envato products in my experience is through content and especially tutorials

now you may tell   me i don’t have a blog i don’t have a website simply go to medium like i did before i start   publishing in create a free blog in medium and published content on medium or simply   create a color space like this one by hdk we post content here and we promote our links inside quora   but make sure to promote with landing pages so not to be banned with quora this is the best way   in my experience more than two years working with envato is to create tutorials you can also create   free or paid courses on

if you want like i do also to promote your affiliate links   also if you go to my website you can promote with a deal section i talked about this in detail in my   affiliate traffic promotion videos and tutorials i really explained everything how to promote   affiliate links in details i have a lot of free courses here on my channel on how to get traffic   but really i don’t know why you are not watching and learning them it’s free content you can now   watch and learn and

the only advice for you in this video the general advice is to start   a website don’t rely only on quora and medium start your own website simply because with your   website you can build your own audience and you can build your own brand and you can then promote   anything later on and don’t tell me i don’t have a budget i explained in detail how to   create a free blog professional blog with a blogger totally for free in this video you   can go now and watch it if you have any questions comment them below and see in the upcoming videos

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