Learn how to use Azure Machine Learning to recommend Visual Studio Code themes | Ryzentejas.com | 2021

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Learn how to use Azure Machine Learning to recommend Visual Studio Code themes | Ryzentejas.com

Welcome, my call is Michael Jolley and i’m the bald, bearded builder. i’m satisfied to be here, hopeyou’re glad to be right here. we’re gonna write a few Azure Machine learning code later, we are gonna do some ML. What we are gonna do is we’vegot a few Azure functions which are grabbing all the extensions out of VS code marketplacethat have themes and saving the dataabout those into Cosmos. Then we have every other processan Azure function that runs and pulls out any of these extensions that we have not processed yet, or every of these that characteristic fires up an Azure container instance.

That box instancefires up a Docker container, it installs VS code,installs the extension and then for each subject matter in that extension it records the colors dataabout that theme to Cosmos and takes a image ofVS code the usage of that subject matter and saves it to Azure document storage. Yeah, so without in addition ado. permit’s pass do the paintings you need to? okay, that is in which i am atI’ve were given it up right now. allow me display you what I were given. we have got a few Cosmos information over here. that is all of theextensions we have cataloged. So if we go appearance over here, right here are all the subject matters we’ve got cataloged and while it is cataloging it, it is cataloging the name,what extension it got here in.

Azure Machine Learning

So in our device studying,we’ve got some datasets. This writing’s dataset is without a doubt popping out of that Cosmos DB for writings, it is were given the consumer id, thetheme id and the writing. We split the records popping out of writings it is failing right here and i don’t know why. So let’s move take a look at theerror message and spot surprising quantity of columnsin the dataset schooling records. The dataset hasn’t changed. None of this stuff have modified. I wanted the fied tojust skip past all that and use like a cash version of it. here’s the trouble with this. It ran and it completed andit says it did it splendid.

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I do not know what which means i’ve never executed any of this earlier than. I suggest, i like it whenthings cross green and not purple however I do not even understand what that is. Oh, the heck if I know,i’m just gonna shop that. okay, so the internet provider input requestingUserId I don’tknow, heck if I realize. The output, shall we embrace themeagain, I have no idea. What I suggest with the aid of i’ve none is i’ve 0. It appears fancy even though, i am gonna give himcredit, it appears quite. so that works, what about post? I simply create new, I don’t know if that is an excellent name, cross, submit let’s examine what happens.

Oh, I did that rapid, k. I idea i used to be gonna have a minute to like drink a few coffee, I did now not. Unsupported API model. Oh desirable, i’d hate to assume it labored. They said that is the rest endpoint, however I do not know what that is. That isn’t always commenced, there it is submit, what’s this, do you want me to put up it? Use a clear description, I do not know ‘reason I do not. i like to suppose that somebodyactually reads these. Is it doing whatever? reputation is finished. we are gonna have to golook at the documentation.

Oh, choosing factors. ok, wherein become I, failed to Inot use like a actual time one? there may be the training did, I don’t wanna pass within the subject matter I need you to tell me a subject matter. I wanna pass in a person identity and then tell me a theme IDthat it thinks I would love. I assume we just installation our, that aspect into fashion designer, Ithink we set that up incorrect. let’s see we’ve failedwith click on save. It ran a long term to fail. Oh, so it didn’t allowduplicates and maintain order. I stated, no, we’re going to bringthat up right here I bet. cast off this, it’s goingto pass at the lowest of them.

I feel like I had to exchange careers, is this what ML engineers do all day? Deployment completed, k,so permit’s pass get this statistics. I sincerely wanna see thatit has no extension id that is how I realize I got it proper. What if we hit that endpoint ourselves, and say control in. k, so we have get the dataset. permit’s pass again to the dressmaker. right here we go once more, finalizing, finished! perfect! best! Now, it should begin scoring that, oh, please score well, please do properly. We have been playing with the wide and deep recommender the day gone by on circulation, but like I stated, i’m state-of-the-art to this and i did not understand thedifferent inputs and outputs.

The greater I play with it,the greater it is going wrong. in reality, the greater I click on and study and pass examine the documentation about that belongings andwhat I should be passing in and i’m able to start massaging the records. but it feels at times like, i am getting the cling of it, but i’m no longer I found out i’m like, i’m a noob, but i am a glad noob, however does that matter? Am I having a noob, it did it. I do not know if it’s worthanything, however it did something. ok, so I posted it. So i have got a pipeline. What a beautiful, beautiful pipeline. Oh, the endpoint, oh, canI go back to the cease factor? Endpoint, i’ve were given an endpoint now.

There I do click on that,how did I create this one? I don’t even take into account. See, we simply did this a minute ago and i’ve already forgotten it. The none reproduction users goes there. Oh my gosh! Am I figuring it out? Our little developer’sscrewing up, take a look at him! Wait, I do not wanna evaluate it, simply do it proper, just do it proper. Are we certainly doing machine mastering to find the VS code component? Yup, yeah, we’re. It finished, it labored. So we need to be ableto set up this, proper? Did it create? maybe I need to refresh, it is probably broken its connection now. So we are waiting on it to return up that it is spinning up anAzure container instance. i’ve were given an example of VScode on a extraordinary window.

i’m gonna move attempt to hit this endpoint and spot if i will get a score. i am gonna test over here. Wait, localhost five,001 rating. well, that doesn’t appear right, does it? it really is the endpoint, oh, herelet’s do that, replica that. you may look at the useful resource organization. and spot if that works. that is a tough nope ghostwriter, it really is a hard nope. Then let’s open up Azure, cross over to the database, we’re going to go to… It noticeably recommends thistheme for me, what is it? allow’s pass see. I got to tell you I didthis subject, certainly. Yeah, i would at the least do this subject matter out. that is all subjective. So it’s hard to likesay it’s perfectly proper or as flawlessly wrong. It thinks i am gonna hate this topic greater than I hated that light subject. it’s not doing terrible. sense sincerely proper aboutthe recommendation stuff. the advice engine, the system getting to know thatwe did in Azure today I sense like it is running like a champ.

There are quite a few thingsto do in this challenge, this isn’t gonna be achieved for a long term. it is gonna be a number of a laugh to look what all we can add into it and how we will play with it. numerous opportunities. And to this point it’s doing a heck of a task. we’ll see how it does with more records, I assume more facts is justgonna make it higher. it’s gonna make it morebetter, that’s just science. anyway, let’s head overthere, let’s head over there. We replica and pasted theheck out of this task and it labored out k. however we’ve learned plenty on this assignment. we have completed so much withAzure box times and functions and storageand we had been after it. thanks for placing out withme I sincerely recognize it, till next time, peace!

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